I’m Josh — a full stack software engineer with over 17 years of experience in the web hosting industry. I specialize in web application development with Ruby on Rails and WordPress. I have a strong background in Linux systems administration and can oversee a project from its inception to deployment. I enjoy solving challenging problems and helping other developers through mentoring and Open Source Software contributions.

Work Experience

Director of Software Development — A2 Hosting, Inc (Remote)

Feb 2020 - Present

Lead the software development team responsible for maintaining the A2 client portal and billing system and internal staff web applications.

Senior Software Developer — A2 Hosting, Inc (Remote)

Aug 2019 - Feb 2020

Worked with the software development team in a pair programming environment to implement new features and security improvements on the customer billing system and front-end marketing site. Promoted to Director of Software Development in Feb 2020.

Senior Developer — Envato Pty Ltd. (Remote)

Jul 2017 - Aug 2019

Worked with the Uptime team maintaining performance and security on ThemeForest, one of the world’s largest Rails sites by traffic. Duties included bug-fixes, performance improvements, regular platform and dependency updates, responding to on-call issues, and general support. Previously worked with the Hosted team maintaining the Rails billing system acquired from Pressed in 2017.

Senior Software Engineer — Pressed Platform, Inc (Remote)

Jul 2015 - Jul 2017

Worked with the software and cloud engineering teams to build and maintain staff, partner, and customer control panels used to power managed WordPress hosting services. Was responsible for maintenance and implementation of new features of our Rails applications and libraries that integrate with the hosting platform and WordPress. Worked closely with CTO and senior software engineers to help review and interview candidates for employment. Frequently contributed to open source projects used or created by Pressed engineers.

Software Engineer — World Wide Web Hosting, LLC (Remote)

May 2011 - Jul 2015

Worked with the software engineering team to build and maintain several internally used systems for staff and customers to manage web hosting services. Was responsible for maintenance and new features implemented for our legacy billing system, Synco, and its replacement, Helix. Oversaw the successful migration of several thousand customers from WHMCS systems into Helix. Regularly assisted other engineers with on-boarding and code reviews. Was the project lead for our Website.me product and oversaw its initial development and deployment. Frequently contributed to and helped manage our open source projects on GitHub.

Software Engineer — HostRocket.com, Inc (Clifton Park, NY)

Dec 2008 - May 2011

Led development for several key projects for ViaTalk and DotBlock (both subsidiaries of HostRocket). Implemented ViaTalk PBX, the web application responsible for handling hundreds of daily support calls for all HostRocket companies. Was responsible for maintenance and security updates for the ViaTalk customer/staff control panel; the web application powering Ennouncement.com; the external order form used for DotBlock; and DotBlock’s v1 iPhone application.


API Integration, AWS, awk, Apache, Asterisk, BDD, Bash Scripting, CSS, Capybara, CentOS, Chef, CoffeeScript, Command Line, Customer Service, Git, GitHub, GitHub Pages, JavaScript, Jekyll, Let’s Encrypt, Linux, macOS, Meta-programming, MiniTest, MySQL, NGINX, PHP, PHPUnit, Payment Gateway Integration, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Rack, Rails Engines, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RubyGem Development, sed, SCSS (Sass), Scrum, Sidekiq, Sinatra, Technical Support, Troubleshooting, Twitter Bootstrap, Ubuntu, Unit Testing, Vagrant, Vim, Vim Plugin Development, VoIP, WP-CLI, Web Hosting, WordPress, WordPress Plugin Development