Open GitHub Pull Requests with your $EDITOR (like hub pull-request).


First, install gh from (brew install gh on a Mac using Homebrew).

Install gh-prq via gh extension install:

gh extension install itspriddle/gh-prq


When you’re ready to submit a new Pull Request:

cd project
gh prq

If you have a .github/ file in your project, it will be filled in your editor.

Pass --copy to copy the Pull Request URL to your clipboard.

Pass --open to open the Pull Request in your web browser.

Pass --push to push your branch upstream first.

Configure a git prq alias:

git config --global --add alias.prq '!gh prq --copy --open --push'

Editor Examples

By default, gh prq will use the same editor that git commit would. Git determines that by checking for the first of:

  • git config core.editor

If you want to configure one, set one of the following in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file:


export GIT_EDITOR="vim"


export GIT_EDITOR="mvim"


export GIT_EDITOR="emacs"


export GIT_EDITOR="code --wait"

Sublime Text:

export GIT_EDITOR="subl --wait"

If you prefer to use ~/.gitconfig, you can use something like:

git config --global --add core.editor "vim"
git config --global --add core.editor "code --wait"

Bug Reports

Issues can be reported on GitHub:


MIT License - see LICENSE in this repository.

Tags: Bash, CLI, Git