gh-extension for working with your GitHub org.


First, install gh from (brew install gh on a Mac using Homebrew).

Install gh-orgtools via gh extension install:

gh extension install a2hosting/gh-orgtools


  • gh orgtools help - prints documentation gh-orgtools and its commands
  • gh orgtools repo-list - list an organizations repositories
  • gh orgtools team-add-to-repo - grant an organization team access to the given repository
  • gh orgtools team-get-id - get GitHub ID for the given team
  • gh orgtools team-list - list the organization’s teams
  • gh orgtools team-repo-list - list a team’s repositories
  • gh orgtools user-get - get information about the given user
  • gh orgtools user-invite - invite users to join the organization
  • gh orgtools user-list - list users in the organization
  • gh orgtools user-remove - remove users from the organization

See gh orgtools help for full documentation.

Bug Reports

Issues can be reported on GitHub:


MIT License - see LICENSE in this repository.

Tags: Bash, CLI, Git